Rutherford Budget Renovation

Rutherford Budget Reno

Jason from Sydney was searching for an opportunity to get into the Newcastle property market. He enlisted the expert help of Select Property Finder. With an extremely small budget, it was a challenge, but Judith was able to find the perfect solution. Judith found a house in Rutherford that hadn’t been lived in for 7 years. Every room was in a terrible condition and everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. To the untrained eye, it seemed irreparable. The property was on a big block of land, allowing Jason the opportunity to subdivide or add a granny flat in the future if he chooses to. Judith secured the property at a very reasonable price and was able to put Jason in touch with some tradespeople that could help him carry out basic cosmetic renovations. Instead of putting in a whole new kitchen, Jason replaced the old appliances. Instead of a new bathroom, he replaced the vanity and shower screen. The whole house got a new coat of paint, polished floorboards and replaced broken tiles. The entire renovation only cost about $15,000 but increased the value of the home dramatically. When the property was put up for rent, it instantly got a tenant and is cash flow positive. In just a matter of months, the property has gained enough equity for Jason to be ready to take on another project.