Buy A Family Home
Buy A Family Home

Finding The Perfect Place To Raise Your Family

Whether you’re buying your first home, buying a bigger home for your growing family, or moving to Newcastle for the first time, Select Property Finder can take the stress out of the buying process. Buying a family home is an emotionally charged process. Select Property Finder looks at each potential property objectively and critically, so you can be sure that you’re purchasing the right property and paying a fair price. We can find the right home for you, according to your personal preferences, needs and budget.

Full Buyer’s Agent Service

We work together to achieve your ideal new residence in a desirable location. Select Property Finder conducts due diligence, inspecting the structure of the dwelling, location, any issues underground or with neighbours. So you are fully aware of all elements of the property, helping to guide your decision. Once you find your dream family home, Select Property Finder negotiates the lowest possible  price and most favourable terms and conditions. We work to achieve the right price point and recognise the property’s potential for value growth, allowing for increased returns if you ever wish to onsell. You can read more about our full buyers agent service here.

Select Property Finder has extensive knowledge and experience in finding family homes in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Buyer’s Agent Part Service

You may have researched and found your own dream family home.

Select Property Finder can provide specific assistance:

  • Conducting thorough analysis and due diligence on any short listed properties
  • Negotiating the sale on your behalf
  • Auction attendance and bidding on your behalf

Whatever your needs, Select Property Finder will work closely with you to secure your dream family home. Give us a call today!