Hunter Valley AirBnB

AirBnB In the Hunter Valley

Josh and Laura from Sydney were looking for a property in the Hunter Valley for a family getaway spot and AirBnB rental. The Sydney couple were looking for a property with a bit of character and charm, closeby to the world-class wineries. They had been looking around themselves for over twelve months but couldn’t find anything that suited them. So, they contacted Select Property Finder to help out. When Josh and Laura initially approached Judith, they were looking in a completely different area. Judith found a property in a different location that didn’t have as many AirBnBs around. It was a quaint little cottage on a large block in the perfect location. The cottage was within walking distance to a general store that serves everything from petrol to coffee. On the corner was a bus stop, where a shuttle bus can pick up passengers and take them to the wineries, so they wouldn’t need to worry about driving. It was in a lovely quiet area so guests wouldn’t be disturbed by masses of tourists.

Judith even checked the rainfall in the area, so Josh and Laura wouldn’t have to worry about watering issues while they were away from the property. After looking at the property and the location, Josh and Laura fell in love with it. Judith was able to help them secure the property. Josh and Laura ordered furniture online and had it delivered to the property on the day of settlement. Within one day, the property was fully furnished and listed on AirBnB. But first, Josh and Laura spent time enjoying their quaint cottage themselves.