Lake Macquaire Sellers Advocate

Finding The Right Sellers Agent for Lake Mac Home

Select Property Finder was contacted by a retired Lake Macquarie Couple to help find a sellers agent and downsize. Velta and Michael built their home in Lake Macquarie and lived there happily for 14 years. When it came time to move, they contacted Judith to help find the right selling agent, someone that would ensure the right sale conditions and price for their beloved home. Before going through the selling process, Judith recommended small enhancements to the property, without spending too much, to get the home ready for presentation. She then researched agents that had a good reputation for the area and selling that style of property. The selling agents were short-listed and their fees and marketing strategies were compared to select the right one. The house was sold after being on the market for only 17 days. Even better, Judith’s services came at no cost for Velta and Micheal, the successful sales agent paid the referral fee from his standard commission. During the settlement period, Judith helped Velta and Michael find their perfect new home, all on one level. Judith ensured the process went smoothly, allowing Velta and Micheal to move seamlessly from their old house to the new one.