Lake Macquarie House On 2 Lots

Lake Macquarie House on 2 Lots

Richard and Peter were looking for a joint venture property project to embark on. They contacted Select Property Finder to help out. Judith found a house in Lake Macquarie that was placed smack bang in the middle of two lots, meaning that a second dwelling could be built if the home was moved. Judith organised a town planner to lodge an application with the local Council to approve shifting the first home and building the additional new house. Before the existing home was moved, the Council required specific plans including an additional carparking space. The next step was for Richard and Peter to find a house remover that was capable of undertaking the complex and technical process of sliding the existing home onto one of the blocks. The house is in the process of being moved and once it’s in place, it will be renovated and a carport will be added. Then, comes the process of installing a fence and building the second home on the corner lot.