Mayfield East Renovation and Dual Occupation Development

Mayfield East Renovation and Dual Occupation Development

Select Property Finder was contacted to find a Newcastle home, manage renovations and property developments for an overseas client.

Vikki from Brunei was looking to invest in the Australian property market. She contacted Judith to manage the entire project on her behalf, securing the purchase of a character-style home in a desirable location with a lot of renovation and development potential.

After settlement, Vikki wanted to renovate the existing home and develop an additional dwelling on the block. The renovations included adding an extension to the house, maintaining a consistent style.

Once the house was renovated and with a secure tenant in place, it was time to build the second house at the rear of the property.

Judith managed the entire development application process and conducted research to determine what type of property could be built on the block. She also advised Vikki on stylistic guidelines, sending sample photos to the client and making decisions on everything from flooring materials to paint colours.

Judith provided project management with on the ground support throughout the building process, making design decisions, liaising with contractors and dealing with any issues that arose along the way. She paid close attention to detail, making sure every element was accounted for at each stage of the development and that the project remained within budget.

When the new house was completed, the property was leased on the first day of rental inspections, at a high rent.