Mayfield Knock-Down & Development

Knock-Down & Development

Select Property Finder was contacted to find a property in a convenient location to knock-down and develop into townhouses. Tim from Sydney was on the hunt for a development opportunity in Newcastle. He contacted Judith to manage the entire process on his behalf. Judith found a property in Mayfield on a highly desirable corner site that faced a park area and was only four doors away from the local public school. She successfully secured the property on behalf of the client and assisted throughout the settlement process. Because Tim wanted to knock down and develop the property, a pest and building report was not required and the existing house was rented in its original condition, helping to cut down costs and gain some income during the approval period. Judith conducted extensive research to determine what type of property could be built on the land and advised the client on suitable options, overseeing the development application process. Usually, townhouses don’t have individual driveways, however Judith met with the local council officer to advocate that these particular townhouses would benefit from this design for safety and aesthetic reasons. Judith recommended an architect, who beautifully designed the townhouses, featuring balconies with a sea breeze. All four townhouses were sold off the plan, before construction even began.